Him and Me 2017 - Father Daughter Dance in Cleveland, OH

I believe we should spread love and positivity. We should share stories that motivate others, lift people up, and encourage people to be their absolute best. (Tweet that!) Whether that means being your best self for your children, for others who may not have grown up with an abundance of positive examples, or simply for your own peace of mind.

On Sunday, August 6, I had the opportunity to witness an entire evening of love, inspiration and positivity during Him and Me 2017, by Alive On Purpose. More than 500 fathers and their daughters came together at Executie Caterers Landerhaven in Cleveland, OH, to celebrate the bond dads have with their little girls. The father/daughter dynamic is so important for the confidence and self esteem for little girls, and it was beautiful to see all of the smiles, laughter, and dancing that took place the entire night. These families are truly making memories that will last a lifetime!