Cleveland Engagement: Lovie + Roi-el

Meet Lovie, Roi-el and their adorable little man, Langston. This beautiful couple won the styled engagement session we gave away recently. What caught my attention about their entry was that the most important thing to them was just being together. Lovie said "honestly wouldn't care if we took pictures in a blank white room, I believe our love will bring all the "magic" needed for a successful shoot."

During our initial consultation, I revisited her statement and we came up with the idea to keep things simple. The location was going to be neutral so that they really stood out. The Lake Erie Building in Lakewood, OH was the perfect setting. The open, bright, industrial design was exactly what we wanted.

We also collaborated with talented makeup artist, Vershante White and stylist, Christine Denyse who met with both Lovie and Roi-el in the weeks leading up to the shoot to coordinate the perfect wardrobe that showed their style and personality.